Bristol Balloon Fiesta

I personally love living in Bristol. It has everything you will ever need; a peaceful city with lot’s of greenery, a beautiful harbourside, great nightlife and is also in close proximity to some beaches. But, my main reason other than the above is I get to see Balloons flying over the city and past my house every summer.

Usually I am just a spectator, but not this year. This year I was extremely privileged to experience the Balloon Fiesta from a balloon. However, this was not just any balloon. I got to fly in the Official UP Balloon based on the Pixar film UP. It was a truly magical moment as the owners do not hire out the Balloon so only a select few people get to fly in it.
Aswell as flying in the balloon I was granted access behind the scenes to take pictures of the nightglow from an angle most people would not be able to experience which was amazing.
Balloons seem to bring happiness to people as they stop and stare as they gracefully float past as if in that one moment, time stops. I can honestly say I will never forget my Balloon flight and I will be talking about it probably until I die.
Up, Up and away.


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