Beautiful Wedding in Berkeley castle.

Meet the gorgeous couple Jason and Sam. They got married in an absolutely incredible location , Berkeley Castle near Bristol. Wedding in a castle, you say? How many people can actually say that they’ve got married in a real castle? Well this one is a beauty, this place also has been used as a film location for new series, Wolf Hall.

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Engagement Photoshoot in London!

London!! You either love it or hate it! But for the photographer it’s a Heaven. You can either take the couple to the park or take them straight to Big Ben or London Eye. Either way you would have to fight off tourists and try to avoid including billion people in your photograph. Or may be do opposite and make them be part of your photo like mine in “the red telephone box”. I love love love that photo!

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Cute little Ava – 7 days old

Sweet little Ava from my latest newborn photoshoot! She was such a good girl to work with!

She pretty much slept all the way through and only woke just for her feeding time.

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From Paris with LOVE

My little Paris project is finished 🙂

“She belonged to no man and to no city”

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One of the perks having me as your friend 😉 You get a great Facebook photo from your night out!


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Bristol Balloon Fiesta

I personally love living in Bristol. It has everything you will ever need; a peaceful city with lot’s of greenery, a beautiful harbourside, great nightlife and is also in close proximity to some beaches. But, my main reason other than the above is I get to see Balloons flying over the city and past my house every summer.

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Beautiful Wedding with Emily and Tracey (click here)

I had a fantastic opportunity to photograph Emily and Tracey’s special day at Avon Gorge Hotel.

They both were quite nervous before they booked me but then we had an engagement phootshoot. Which Emily and Tracey recommend to everyone now.

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Age does matter

If you thinking of having your newborn photographed. Please do it as soon as your baby is born. You can only get cute, little baby photos before they are 7-10 days old. After 10 days baby becomes more alert and less flexible. You can’t put them in the basket they just won’t fall asleep or most times won’t fit in them.

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Native American Photoshoot

Native American photoshoot was something that I wanted to do for ages. Just couldn’t find the right person to be my model.

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Beautiful Album.

I love looking through my parent’s wedding album. They married many many years ago. Nothing compares to holding a memory in your hands and following the story through the pages. Even with our current era of digital photography, cd’s, usb, hardrives nothing will fill you with more happiness, warmth and nostalgia than your own physical version of your special day in the form of a wedding album.

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