Japan, adventure has began.

It has always been my dream to visit this exotic country.

I planned carefully, I knew where I wanted to go and what I would like to see. Of course my two main priorities are photography and food. Somewhere with nice views and excellent food.

So after long flight with quick change in Abu Dhabi we landed in Tokyo. My main worry was that nobody speaks English and we won’t even be able to get to the hotel. You know how you go to Spain, France or Italy even though nobody speaks your language you still understand some of the words, I knew it won’t be the same in Japan, they even read from top to bottom instead of left to right.

As soon as we landed we managed quickly to work out what to do some people spoke English and some didn’t but even the ones who couldn’t speak any were so friendly, they tried to do their best to help us out and show us the way.

Evening meal was quite interesting, usually relying on Trip Advisor app we go to great places this time we decided not to bother and just go where ever we fancied. Japanese restaurants and bars are quite interesting as they are spread over multiple floors and sometimes all you see is few photos on the ground floor and Japanese writing that will tell you which restaurant is on which floor. So we stalked some Japanese people and ended up in great restaurant with a considerable que on 7th floor called Negishi. All dishes were made with cows tongue. Delicious!

Next day I got my husband up at 4.30am so we can hit famous fish market. Bless him still jet lagged he followed me to the train station. After we discovered that we weren’t allowed to the actual market until 9am (yes I did check website and book about Japan before we went and it said it all starts at 5am, I guess they changed the rules) we went to a sushi place, where they use fish from the market! It was devine! Fresh and delicious! Yamazaki sushi family run restaurant is very small but perfectly compact, everyone were really friendly especially the lady who makes tea and brings you the miso soup! She was the cutest!

Then we visited two gardens Hama-rikyu and Shinjuku Gyoen, out of those two I would definitely recommend the Shinjuku Gyoen, it was much bigger in size and had loads of trees blossoming. The dream came true to see cherry blossoms in Japan! So to celebrate we ended up I one of the greatest places for ramen –  Ichiran, well that was experience on another level! This place doesn’t run as usual restaurants do. You buy tickets in the machine of what you would like to have in your ramen then you get given a piece of paper of how you want it cooked. I.e. how much garlic, chilli, how you like your noodles cooked and so on. Then you wait for free seats. Once somebody leaves there is a board full of lights flashing and sounds to represent free seats and their location, a waiter then shows you to the cubicle .You sit down in front of you is a window with a blind, on the other side of the blind is a person to take your order but it’s at their waist height so all you see I’d their hands and waist the, blind goes up, cooking preferences taken and blind goes down, during the wait synchronised cheering between the staff can be heard. After a while it goes up again and food is placed in front you. You never see the person you just see their hands and hear their voice. But the best part of the whole experience is the food!!! Seriously the best ramen I’ve ever had, if you think Wagamamas is good, you wait until you try this!!

That’s it for today. Sleep now, 9 hours difference take their toll.