Kyoto, Nara, Fushimi Inari, Hiroshima

We had 5 days in Kyoto, which seemed like it’s going be a lot, but it flew by.

First two days we spend around Kyoto, to start of our adventure in Kyoto, Bamboo forest was on our list as number one.

Arashiyama itself is gorgeous and  must visit, spend a whole day walking around, bamboo forest is very moody and atmospheric. No photos can showcase it, also probably because in each photo you will get 100s of tourists.

Japan is the most touristy place I’ve ever been. Too many of them and you can’t enjoy any of the sightseeing without having trillions of others taking photos of everything and everyone.

Back to Arashyama, we climbed up the mountain to see an amazing view of Kyoto and to spend time with some monkeys. Definitely another must but it does take a while to climb. A bit of a steep hill.

We got caught in the rain and absolutely soaking wet came across the most beautiful train station I’ve ever seen, 100s of kimonos in these lit up tubes.

Next day we visited Fushimi Inari, you know the famous red gates. Well I would say we’ve ticked the box and said we’ve done that but I wouldn’t go there again. Way to busy, you can’t even move and we heard some tourist said that it’s not even at its busiest. Well I can’t even imagine how much more busier could it be. Straight after we managed to get to Nishiki market and try everything it has to offer from little tiny dry fish to cucumber on the stick. Yes they eat cucumbers on the stick. Fun few hours especially as it rained outside.

Next day we visited Todaiji Temple even though it was quite busy it didn’t feel as bad as the grounds are huge so you have your own space pretty much everywhere you go apart from the Great Budha and even then you not so crowded in there. Seeing the temple surrounded Sakura blossoms is something else. Absolutely stunning. But the best part of Todaiji Temple are the deers! You can buy deer biscuits for 150 yen which works out around ¬£1 and feed it to them. If you simply try giving it to them they won’t eat, you need to bow to them wait for them to bow back and then they will take the biscuit of you! The experience is incredible.

On the return to Kyoto we visited Maryama park, which I would say again nothing special too touristy and not even space to move around, yes in the park is way to crowded. After we went and visited owl exhibition, wow that was something else. I’ve never been so close to so many owls! Beautiful creatures.

On the last day of staying in Kyoto we planned to visit Hiroshima. Place is really peaceful and quite. It felt like you can still feel the souls of the dead walking among you. The place is very earie. We spoke to this woman, who’s mother was a survivor and heard her story. We visited museum and walked around atomic bomb dome.

I can’t wait to share all of the photos on our return as all the above look much better in photographs then words.

Off to Yamanouchi for two days tomorrow to stay in another ryokan.