Snow monkeys without the snow.

I’m writing this post on our last night in Tokyo. Next week I will post one more blog about our travel adventure, about interesting, random and weird things in Japan.
I am writing this blog from amazing hotel right outside Imperial Palace on 16th floor with breathtaking view of a whole Tokyo. People go up in the Tokyo tower for this view, we managed to get it as part of our room rate. Which to be fair wasn’t that much. When I was looking to book the last two nights in Tokyo all the prices on were sky high so following Lonenly Planet suggestion I went onto and booked it through there, everything was in Japanese but it was worth it! So do try that website, I think is good especially if you can get an app, it keeps all your bookings there in one place but it is very expensive.

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Kyoto, Nara, Fushimi Inari, Hiroshima

We had 5 days in Kyoto, which seemed like it’s going be a lot, but it flew by.

First two days we spend around Kyoto, to start of our adventure in Kyoto, Bamboo forest was on our list as number one.

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