why photographing a baby over 2 weeks and under 6 months old is not a good idea?

I usually don’t photograph children after 2 weeks old until they are 6 months old. The reason being is a child between this age is really hard to work with to get a great shot. It is possible but you only limiting yourself to what you can do.

The only way you can photograph babies at the age between 2 weeks and 6 months is in lying down position. And trust me only few angles look good on the photo while you lying down.

Meet Danni, he is 5 months old and as I mentioned above the photographs are very limited to what I could do. These photographs taken at the clients home, so no backdrop set up. And the light that I used was only natural light. I love photographing babies using just natural light, its much softer on child skin than a harsh flash light.